wedding  faq

What is the rental fee for Stable Craft Brewing at Hermitage Hill and what does it include?

Check out our online booking platform to see all pricing, menu details, and venue info in one convenient location!

What is the building capacity?

We comfortably accommodate 200 people, this also allows adequate space for dancing and banquet setup.

What dates are available?

Check out our online booking platform to see all pricing, menu details, and venue availability in one convenient location!

Do I need to schedule a tour or can I just stop by?

We do not currently offer tours for wedding inquires. You are welcome to stop by and enjoy our craft beer, cider and soda as well delicious bistro-style food while exploring the brewery.

Are there overnight accommodations nearby?

Yes, Stable Craft Brewing at Hermitage Hill offers on-site suites to create a wedding weekend for you and your wedding party. To learn about on-site suite availability, please click here. We also recommend the following hotels which are 10 minutes away.

My preferred dates are unavailable. Do you have a cancellation waiting list?

We do not keep a cancellation waiting list because once a date is purchased, we DO NOT resell your wedding date.

Do you require a Wedding Planner?

Yes, we do require a Licensed & Insured Wedding Planner. This wedding professional is key to organizing and executing a relaxing and scheduled day for everyone involved.

What are our catering options for Stable Craft Brewing at Hermitage Hill Farm?

Stable Craft Brewing at Hermitage Hill offers on-site catering services for all of our events. Come out and try a meal if you haven't had our delicious chef-inspired food!

Can I bring in an outside caterer?

No, we do not allow outside caterers at this time.

If we choose the one-day option, will we be able to access the location early to rehearse our ceremony?

If you select the one-day rental, our venue will likely be reserved by another couple the night before. For that reason, one-day rentals should plan for an off-site rehearsal.  

Can we have fireworks or candles for our wedding?

We do not allow fireworks or candles because of fire concerns to our horses and the hay storage in our barn.

Can we plug in an iPod instead of hiring a DJ?

No, a professional DJ or band is required and is also a key factor to entertain and assist your wedding planner for your wedding.

May we bring in our beer, wine, cider, and liquor?

No, outside alcohol is strictly prohibited and regulated by state and federal authorities. Our craft beers, ciders and sodas are sure to please any crowd!

Can we nail decorations on the walls?

As our family logged some of the trees directly from our farm and cut the boards one by one, we request that holes are not placed in the walls. We do have areas where hooks are already placed that you are welcome to use for any additional decorations. We hope that you will find them beautiful and rustic without any extra work!

What is the event clean-up process?

The party must stop at the contracted time.  All approved vendors must be aware of the rules. All materials brought in for your wedding must be removed before exiting the property at the contracted time. All guests and staff must be off the property by 11:00 pm in accordance with our county’s rules and regulations.

How far in advance do you need the final headcount, timeline, and list of vendors?

In order for Stable Craft’s team to effectively set up for your wedding day, we need all information eight (8) weeks in advance, prior to your scheduled wedding day.