Stable Sweets: The New Sweet Shoppe at Stable Craft Brewing

Now open in the Farm Store at Stable Craft Brewing is Stable Sweets - a new sweet shoppe added only a month ago. Open Wednesday through Sunday, the desserts at Stable Sweets take your dining experience to the next level.

The desserts at Stable Sweets are made to perfection. With many delicious selections to choose from, we're offering an inside look at our top few: Grandma’s Bread Pudding, Oreo Chauffels, Brazen Bowl.

A sweet old-fashioned banana pudding has a place in many Southern family cookbooks and more than likely shows up at most family gatherings. 

Grandma’s Banana Pudding brings on the nostalgia with every bite. The crunch of vanilla wafers, the smooth banana pudding, the crisp waffle cone, and the bittersweet chocolate punch will have your head spinning!

Oreo Chauffels bring something completely different to the table, consisting of huge Oreo chunks placed in waffle batter and cooked to crispy perfection. Talk about an Oreo-lovers dream!

Topped with powdered sugar and Oreo crumbles, served with Oreo cream, and TADA! You have yourself the best Oreo dessert you've ever tasted.

The Brazen Bowl is our newest creation.

This layered dessert begins at the base with a chocolate covered waffle bowl, filled with banana pudding, topped with Brazen-cider-soaked fruit, another layer of banana pudding, chocolate chips, drizzled with chocolate syrup, and a dollop of cotton candy to top it off!

Watch out! This dessert has a kick and is only sold to 21-years and older.

Next time you're at Stable Craft Brewing, make sure to check out Stable Sweets and treat yourself to some of the best desserts in the Shenandoah Valley! They sure are delicious.