Hop Harvest Festival 2021: Farm-to-Patio Harvesting


Hop harvesting at Stable Craft began five years ago when the brewery first took root. At that time, Stable Craft was up-and-coming so the hop fields were necessary for the brewing process. 

Now, a grown and expansive destination, Stable Craft sources a majority of its hops from around the country to keep up with supply and demand. But there is nothing like hop season to bring us back to our roots and remember where we started.

As a long-standing tradition, the Hop Harvest Festival and season is celebrated every year at Stable Craft and will be for years to come.

Stringing Process:

The hop growing season in the Northeast begins in April, and on April 24th we were ready to get our hands dirty. 

The stringing process is a bit tedious. Two twine lines run at the top and bottom of the telephone poles. Twine is tossed over the upper lines and tied to the lower lines to form what looks like a teepee.

The lines have to be directly over the plant so the hop bines (hop “vines” are called bines) grow upward in a clockwise direction. Fun fact: hop bines grow a foot per day!

When the bines are grown, they look like this!

Hop Harvest:

It was a feat to get through the Summer season with little to no rain and stifling heat. The yield this year may be slightly lower, but spirits are high and harvest is just around the corner!

Saturday, August 14th watch the hop machine on the patio and enjoy the hop harvesting demonstration while you dine!

Don’t miss the Beer-Battered Fish Fry starting at 2pm and join us for a Harvest Moon Dance Party at 6:30pm with DJ Glenn!

Hop Harvest 2021 is a reflection of Stable Craft’s roots and a destination-brewery experience that you will not want to miss.