First Timer's Guide to the Stable Craft Experience: Here's How it Works

August 17, 2021

Stable Craft Brewing is an Agripub with a commitment to sustainable living. We offer guests the opportunity to explore our farm while enjoying our farm-fresh products.

Stable Craft operates with a Biergarten-style service, as do most breweries.

This style of service encourages visitors to enjoy our expansive setting and grab a beverage at one of our many bars at their leisure.

Here’s how it works:

1) Find a Seat
When you arrive, we recommend finding a table indoors or outside on our patio or dining decks.
(FYI: We are routinely voted “Best Outdoor Dining and it’s easy to see why… with plenty of spacious outdoor seating to let our guests spread out.)

Stable Craft does not take reservations due to the massive size of the facility.

2) Head to the Bar
After getting situated, take a look at the food menu on your table. The drink menu is located on the tv screens at each bar. We have one outdoor bar and two indoor bars. Go to the closest, open bar to order all food and drinks.

Our friendly Beertenders will help you choose the perfect beverage - our brewers create all of our Beers, Ciders, CBD Seltzers and Craft Sodas.

3) Stick Around + Grab Your Drinks

After ordering; stick around to pick up your drinks at the bar.

4) Food Orders - Come with a Number

If you order food, make sure to take your designated number back to your hangout spot; we will bring the food out to your number!

While we may do things a bit differently here at Stable Craft, we are committed to giving all of our customers a great experience. If you have any questions or concerns at all, go to the nearest bar to let an employee know. We are confident in our ability to handle every situation with professionalism and integrity.

We look forward to having you!