June 22, 2021

If you’re new to the beer world, you might be wondering.. What the heck is a growler? Well, it is a handy-dandy vessel in which alcohol, specifically really great craft beer and cider, is held. The great thing about growlers is that your beer or cider does not degrade as quickly on the way home.  By the time you get your growler home to drink it, it will taste the same as if it were being poured from the tap.

Now I am no expert on growlers nor am I a beer connoisseur, but from what I’ve gathered, growlers are the way to go. We offer them in two different sizes, three different types: 32oz Pony Growler, 64oz Screw Top Growler, 64oz Genie Growler.

Now you might be asking yourself, what do these names mean and what’s the difference? See below!

This here is the Pony Growler. The smallest of all three, the Pony Growler comes in at 32oz and is just the darndest little thing I mean look at it. If you’re only wanting to take home a couple pint glasses of your favorite beverage, this is the right choice for you.

Now the Screw Top Growler looks just as it sounds. This growler is great for that shindig you have planned next weekend. If you tip it over, don’t worry! It’s got a screw top. It’s 64oz so it can be shared (or not) and can hold up to four pints of your favorite beverage.

Last but not least, we have the Genie Growler. While it may not hold a magical genie inside, it can hold 64oz of your favorite beer or cider and that’s pretty darn close. This growler I would associate with a more intimate gathering or one in which you want to impress people; I say this simply because the bottle looks cool. So, if you’re feelin’ fancy this one is for you!

So here’s the best part about growlers… you keep them, bring them back to your favorite establishment (us of course) and we refill them! With new beers and ciders releasing on a consistent basis, growlers are a great way for you to take home the ones you love most.

Our growlers are to-go only and are available for pick-up during normal business hours. So come on in, have yourself a beer or cider and take home the perfect growler for you!